Vocal Coach
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Vocal Coach

Delly holds a Batchelor’s Degree in Education and minored in Music. She was selected “Songbird of the Year” and directed several shows while still in high school and college. During that time she won many singing competitions.

The last 15 years in Las Vegas, Delly has been a Guest Music Teacher for the CCSD and directed/produced many concerts and shows. She also had time to perform at Mandalay Bay, Suncoast, Samstown, Hope Church, and currently is a Worship Leader at Green Valley Baptist Church.

Delly’s Mission Statement: Help students develop self-esteem, confidence, build character, develop their vocal skills, achieve their musical goals and become successful in life.

When teaching private vocal performance lessons, Delly explains and demonstrates each vocal technique: Breathing, ear training, pitch control, proper tone production, connect ranges smoothly, expand ranges, diction, sound placement, projection, song styling, originality, riffs, dynamics, improvisation, mic techniques, stage presence, singing from the heart, harmony, and singing with confidence